Monday, March 2, 2009

My Museum

I have this gorgeous purple and gold stringed scarf I bought while in Germany. It fell upon the sand and I am picking it up. You can see a little bit of it behind the tips of my hair.

I saw these last night. I thought they were so interesting...clear tennis shoes??! I can't wait to try a pair on.

My sister took this. I love when she'll take pictures of me and I won't find out until later, when she shows me the photos. Here I am looking into the window of my favorite store. I felt that this photo captured me. I love looking at the outfits they make up for the windows as I pass by this store, whenever I'm on my way in or out of work.
This is my museum.

Myself and my sister in my car. I love these jeans of mine.

I have a picture of these leggings in an earlier post of mine. They're so warm and my favorite leggings I own. Well, until two days ago when I DIY'd another pair of my leggings; now those are also a fav pair of mine.

Top photo taken by Jeremy Hanes.

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kaitlyn said...

i LOVE the dress in the first picture. it's so pretty.