Monday, March 23, 2009

Raquel Allegra Fashion Show

I was extremely excited when designer Raquel Allegra personally invited me to come to her fashion show! My friend Cristin came along with me and we had such a great time. The theatre that the show was held at was gorgeous; looked like a chateau in Europe with the detailed ceilings and walls and floors. Even the bathrooms were gorgeous - with their corridors and hallways and doors, and vanities (yes, that was just the bathroom).
As soon as the first model in Raquel's show walked out, it all became so surreal. That I am not looking at pictures of her artful pieces on; but that I am actually here and experiencing this in person. So on March, Friday the 13 or 2009, it was my lucky day. I had such a great time!
I loved before the show started, Cristin and I came upon some models practicing their walks before the show. Then afterwards, I saw a couple of Raquel's models still in her dresses walking around; some other models were changing back into their "street" clothes.
I saw another show attendee in the new Alexander Wang holey sweater and a black bolero hat; she looked very cute. There were many photographers all around, from 944 magazine to other bloggers.

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