Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I crashed at 70 MPH head-on into the freeway wall

March 11th, 2010. It was a Thursday night. I was coming home from school and crashed at 70 MPH head on into the freeway wall.
I came out uninjured except for horrible bruises, a badly cut up tongue and maybe a cracked wrist and sternum. Haven't been to doctor yet. My car is totaled and may be unfix-able. I thought I died after the impact. I was surprised when I realized I was still alive. I watched my windshield crack when I hit the wall. Never saw my airbag come out, never knew airbag was out until I looked down at my body to see if I was still in it and alive. The doors wouldn't open. My car wouldn't turn off. I rolled down the window and jumped out the window. Two people had stopped for me. I was so traumatized and couldn't find my phone - I couldn't take care of myself. It was those two people who called the police and my family.
I cannot believe I am alive.
The next day I just went to the beach and layed on the sand and basked in the sun. Smiling that I was actually lying there, alive and unbroken. Bruised and cut. What a blessing.
I cannot believe I am alive.

All photos by Jeremy Hanes.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sculptures of Golden Strings

The piece that I sculpted makes me so happy. I love how the helmet turned out. I have never sculpted before and my professor wanted my class to do two particular projects that were not bowls made on the ceramic wheel. I decided to do sculptures. I need to take a picture of my other sculpture and post it; it's so exciting to me! The school even displayed my pieces!!

My sister and I were having fun during the summer of '08 in Vegas. She is such a great photographer. She took this one of me and I decided to play around in the photo and then afterwards write all over the picture.

My favorite place in the world is my home; I am from Los Angeles and I love the beach. The scarf on my head I bought while I was in Germany. It's so beautiful. It is sheer and you can see the strings of gold inside of it. My mom bought the same one that is green where mine is purple.

Last photo taken by Jeremy Hanes.