Thursday, March 5, 2009



I love Victoria Beckham and usually like her fashion choices. I am obsessed with the boots she's wearing. Though, I'd rather not the material that they're made out of; something more practical. - So I can wear them more often. i.e.: Every other day.
I am not crazy about her dress, I know exactly what I would wear with these boots.
Even though with that said, I love Vic Beckham and I think she's great.
And YES, they're walkable!! Orrr at least walkable by my standards.
Antonio Berardi sandals, in the same style as the boots.
The boots worn at a fashion show. (Boots pictured above are the same boots directly pictured below).
Antonio Berardi

With her incessant drilling of "that extra half an inch", you can understand my surprise at this weekend's headlines: "Victoria Beckham in heel-less boots shocker!" What on earth is going on?
Has the poster girl of gravity-defying heels gone mad, ditching her 10-in Louboutins for a pair of zero-elevation flatties? (This is the woman who even wore heels on the baseball pitch, remember.)
Well, the answer is that no, Posh hasn't ditched the heels - much to the chagrin of bunion-watchers everywhere. But yes, the woman is mad - mad for stepping out in a pair of five-and-a-half-inch-high Latex boots that come sans heels.
And I would know, because latterly I have been wearing said boots around Paris's Place Vendôme, looking like some lost dominatrix who's longing to be taken back to the manacled comforts of her underground dungeon.
The first obstacle was getting the things on - they're like ultra-tight leggings with shoes on the end. And it doesn't help that the boots, which are made to order by British-born, Paris-based designer Antonio Berardi, and come in at a whopping £3,300, are thigh-high on a supermodel and I'm only 5ft 3in. But thankfully, they do have zips and - with the help of copious amounts of talcum powder - I succeeded in doing them up.
Managing to stand up was less interesting - easy, even - thanks to their brilliant engineering. The platform base is weighted, which forces your foot downwards and forwards so that you can't fall backwards. No David Beckham required. I even braved the rainy, slippery streets in them.
I spotted a family from Switzerland gawping at me. The mother thought them brilliant, but her husband said that he would not want her to wear them. And judging by the number of "Ooh look, there's another fashion victim" sniggers and stares I got, no wonder.
• Cheryl Leung is fashion director of 'Let Them Eat Cake' magazine


kaitlyn said...

of course i love the balenciaga, but those heeless boots ARE SO FUCKING COOL. who are they by?? i think i'm in love with them.

NOELLE said...

I feel the EXACT same way. I love the Balenciaga's...but those heeless boots! I am obsessed. They're my phone background. I couldn't remember who they were by when I posted the blog. I'll find out now and update my blog.
(I need me a pair sooo badly!) said...