Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Les Details

My favorite photography are detail shots, as I like to call them.

The entrance to this hidden little store is this beautiful pathway. My uncle captured this photo of me as I was leaving. I love this.

I love these red shorts and my vintage T is oh so comfortable.
Budapest on the bridge; where a carnival of sorts was going on.

Frankie says Relax!!

These are my favorite leggings. They keep me so warm and I find myself wearing them under my jeans or other pants when it's cold outside.

I love these shoes. They're so squishy and they're my two favorite colors.

This is me. I took this shot while waiting in the car.

Such a cool angle.

This reminds me of a ballerina. I think it must be the bun. I like the pose; makes me think of a painting. This is me as well, my sister took this while we were in Vegas.

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