Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vegas with the girls.

In the restaurant, the back walls looked liked LARGE tree-trunks. Turned out those "trunks" were the bathroom stalls!!! Each trunk was an individual stall. So odd to the greatest degree - but so cool (and so dark inside). The food was delicious. "Do you have any noodle dishes?" I asked. To which the waitress replied, "Only ramen" she said. Which was exactly what I was looking for! A few of the girls ordered a seaweed platter - I never knew there were all different types of seaweed you could eat. There was one delicious one, the other's I didn't like so much and there was a green one that I couldn't even try because it is the seaweed I see all over Malibu - ick, couldn't do that one (or at least reminiscent of the Malibu seaweed).
The room was stocked with CO Bigelow items (the shampoos and such) AND they even included lavender lipgloss!!! And a rubik's cube. Crazy odd things, but things I love. The view was great - overlooking the waters of the Bellagio. Great weekend with the girls!