Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Saw the Lights Today

Thank you everyone for you really wonderful comments!!!! They really made me happy. Yes, it WAS a dream come true for me to meet him!!
There was double-sided sticky tape left on some of the clothes! Alexander said about my shoes, "They're really comfortable, aren't they!" We laughed as I solved a rubik's cube for him. He showed me his pieces, showed me this AWESOME purse I am dying to get - it is so heavy. He took off a few of his clothes off the racks and we talked about it. We talked about the bra I have that he designed (I'm totally obsessed with it and everything he makes). He was UNBELIEVABLE!! Sweet. Wonderful. Not into himself. Him and my dad were chatting and laughing about things - I was not with them during that; I was busy looking at this sweet puppy someone brought that she recently saved. We talked in detail about many of his past and present pieces (something which really interest me - so I ask all these questions).

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