Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bright Light City

Outdoors was so hot and the hotels were freezing. The only other shoes I had to walk for miles were high heels. So here I am, wearing Uggs with shorts...on a 90 degree night at that! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)
These were great nights. Fun nights.


Alanna said...

i love those shoes!

you have gorgeous hair!

Natalie said...

It looks like u r in vegas! love ur hair :)



The Queen of Hearts said...

I love coming to your blog. I feel like we'd have soo much fun together in real life, haha. My friends and I were just talking about NYE plans and Vegas came up -- however, I think we might head to South America instead!

Jowy said...

Fun loving photo's! are those golde bike shorts? if so...WOW!

One Love,

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Those shoes in the first pic are amazing.

MARISA said...

haha i was just in vegas and named my post the same thing..hilarious

totally get what you mean about the hot/cold. literally got sick when i returned home and i blamed it on that

glad you had a great time!